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Pull request updates in your Slack channels

Integrate  Slack with  GitHub and start reviewing code in real time ⚡️

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Enhance code reviews

🌟 Bring pull request updates to your Slack channel.

💬 Review the code with your team using Slack to discuss in real time.

🚢 See your open pull request go down and ship features faster.

Easy to get started

1. Add the Slack bot to your team.

2. Pick which github repositories it should track.

3. Post a pull request link to your channel.

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We have some awesome things in the pipline:

Done Events for pull request reviews.

In dev Events for CI/status badges.

Planned Ability to configure which events get pushed to Slack.

Planned Automatically create a Slack channel when code is ready for review.

Planned Blog posts with tips for improving your review process.

Have a feature request? We'd love to hear from you, send an email!

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